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Ken Selby in front of Pizza Parlor

It was 1961. Alan Shepard was the USA’s first man in space. Dion’s “Runaround Sue” topped the music charts. Volkswagen’s funny little car invaded America in droves. And a young school teacher opened a small, one-man pizza restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was to be the birthplace of the growing, dynamic Mazzio’s LLC of today.

That original restaurant—named The Pizza Parlor—delighted many Tulsans with the very first pizza they ever ate. The school teacher was Ken Selby, who ran his new business virtually alone and after a full day of teaching.

Four years and a growing, loyal customer base later, 1965 was to be a banner year of fateful decisions for Selby. He made pizza his full-time job. He opened a second location, which exceeded the success of his first. Plus, the name changed to Ken’s Pizza—solidly branding Selby’s popular special recipe sauce and thin crust.

It all worked splendidly. By 1975, the links of his two starting stores steadily grew to a strong chain of more than 100 company and franchise locations, inside and outside of Oklahoma.

Then, in the late ’70s, Selby conceived a unique approach to build more business for his already successful pizza enterprise. His idea called for more square footage of casual dining space, an expanded menu, thicker pizza served with more meats and cheeses, and sub sandwiches along with a huge salad bar filled with even more choices.

That new concept was Mazzio’s Pizza. With a premiere in 1979, it was an instant hit that is still making sales and growth history. In 10 years, the Mazzio’s chain grew to more than 150 locations in a dozen states, setting new industry benchmarks for sales along the way. Presently, the concept features 140 units in 10 states.

Innovation continues with the addition of made-to-order pastas and the launch of the Calzone Ring®, Family Bakes, Cinnaboli, Pepperolies® and more. The concept is in the middle of an exciting remodel program that gives the restaurants a stylish, contemporary look and feel. The expanded menu and new look resulted in a more descriptive name, Mazzio’s Pizza.

So what’s the next, great concept for new sales and growth? That’s a trade secret. And at Mazzio’s LLC, we believe our continued success lies in what history teaches us: To glimpse the future, you only have to look at the past.

The Concept

People enjoying Mazzio's pizzaMazzio’s Pizza offers a clearly superior product line; plus exterior and interior design package that is second to none. Mazzio’s offers its customers the convenience of Dine-in, Carryout (including drive-thru windows) and Delivery.

Mazzio’s is able to provide today’s demanding consumer with quality, variety and high perceived value in an inviting atmosphere. Mazzio’s wins customers with its “Deliver Supreme Experiences” service attitude. With Mazzio’s new brand promise, “Get Ready For Great,” you can be sure of a great experience every time you have Mazzio’s delicious menu items.

Consumers look for fast service, convenience, variety, value and quality—all of which are part of the Mazzio’s Pizza package.


Raise Money and Awareness with Mazzio’s

Mazzio’s proudly supports the communities where we do business. We offer several fundraising programs that help groups raise money and awareness for various projects.

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